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Jc's Tip's #1

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PostSubject: Jc's Tip's #1   Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:59 pm

Here is Jc's Top tips (My tip's) To starting a successfull Server.

1.Learning Rsps
2.Running Your Server
3.The Status List
4.You're Forum's

So 5 steps.

Here We go!

1. Learning Rsps

Before you start a server you will obviously have to get to know the basics of it.
Once you get to know a base such as delta i suggest sticking with it and coding it ect. Keep with it and get better and better.
Possably become one of the top Delta coders :O

Have a look at the --> Tutorial <-- Section

2.Running a Server

Once you 1st begin starting runescape private servers. It is not easy but not hard either. Running it would be pretty easy and coding it would be the hardest, Not that i am saying that it is hard at all. But some of it is extremly hard. The hardest is the client sided.

Check out the official JcScape --> How To Start A Server <-- Tutorial

3.The Status List

Once you have successfully got You're Server up and running. You will want to do a bit of advertising to get you players.
Lucky for you JcScape has there very Own --> Server Status Page <-- You will find many Server(s) There, just simply click Add server there and you follow the step's. You should know, Once Added Your server must be on all the time for it to stay at the top for 100% uptime. You can always regain your server back from 90% to 100% in about 30 minutes.

4. You're Forums

Now you will need to create yourself forums. Why not use what JcScape use's http://forumotion.com. There a domain is only $15 for any domain of your choice. .com .net .org you name it!


Once your server is up ofcourse it will not have asmuch players or as much registration(s) on the forum's like JcScape. (We dont have much ingame). But you will need patence. Every server gives up to easily they need to stick into it, Every server if it stays lopng enough and has good enough updates will be successfull!

Your's Sincerley


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own3d 2

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PostSubject: Re: Jc's Tip's #1   Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:08 am

wow awesome guide. A few corrections are #5 Of course and as much need space aannnddd it's spelled Sincerely not the way you did lol. Not to be mean but just doing some editing on reading your sick guide on making a rsps.
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Jc's Tip's #1

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