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Author Message

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Registration date : 2009-12-31

PostSubject: Skulled-Era   Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:01 pm

by Robert and Rog3r

Quality Player Killing, Quality Skills, Quality Server

Server Programmer: Rog3r
Website Developer: Robert



Quote :
[CENTER][ Sever update log for 12/30/09: ]

- Full Bank Rearrange

- Banking Works Perfectly

- Deposit Boxes

- Unique Pin System (50%)

- Redone my WHOLE fishing with an improved one of mine

- ^ So I guess Perfect Fishing...

- New Dialog for Bankers

[[ Server update log for 12/28/09: ]

- Full Prayer

- Prayer with headicons and bonuses and draining etc

- Combat skills (full animations and weapon speeds)

- Full Special Attacks

- Wilderness Player Killing

- Great animations

- Special Attack GFX

- Wilderness levels

- Potion bonuses

- Full Eating/Drinking

- NPC Death Animation

- Npc Aggression

- Complete Redesign of NPC Dialog System

- 50% done a Quest..

[ Server update log for 12/22/09: ]

- Player to NPC Dialog

- Added Weapon Speeds

- Fixed Fletching Dupe (Dropping whilst on interface)

- Added Weapon Animation

- Added All Emotes

- Added WORKING multi combat zones

- Added Prayer ACTUALLY gives bonuses

- Full Eating of Food

- Fixed Woodcutting Chopping Speeds

- Special Attacks (100%)

[ Update log for 12/21/09: ]

- Fixed Login Lag Issues

- Fixed Cooking Frame Glitch

- Potion Mixing

- Fletching

- Fixed Prayer Draining (now it's slightly slower)

- Event Manager (unique..)

[ Update log for 12/20/09: ]

- Acquired a client

- Added Models/Sprites

- Added Player Killing Skulls

- Added a Webclient

- Finished Cooking (99%)

- Fixed Teleport Issues



Full Fishing (99%)
Full Mining (99%)
Full Woodcutting (99%)
Full Mining (99%)
Full Fletching (99%)
Full Prayer (95%)
Full Combat (90%)
Full Special Attacks (85%)
Quest System (99%)
Bank Rearrange/Deposit Boxes
Full Weapon Speeds
Full Ranging (90%)
Full Magic (95%)
Full Teleports (100%)
Firemaking (65%)
Full Eating/Potions
Full Weapon Poisoning
Great Performance
NPC Animation (85%)
+ + +



Our primary goal is to have a membership free environment. However, don't get us wrong, you can still purchase items via the online store with pay by phone (same company Jagex uses for membership). However, those who don't pay will be still equally balanced. Other goals also include FULL integration and bringing back the sense of achievement while you level up to higher levels. EXP rates will be about 2.5 however although small, rewards will be given the more you skill. That means, you'll get chances to gain huge amounts of EXP at once and those are EXP lamps which are given randomly by skilling. Skilling will now be quite useful because the economy depends on the amount of resources. You won't be able to max out to level 99 in a day, nor even probably a week however it'll be noticeably quicker and fun, don't worry! Gaining money will be some-what easy however our goal is also to make having max money quite rare. Some things will cost QUITE a bit of money to balance that. Another goal is that we'll try and program EVERY skill by ourself. We want the server to be having a unique feeling!

So, in a nutshell, this is some things we hope to achieve:

- Well balanced economy
- An economic/player killing server
- Fully working skills
- Great Performance
- Brining the sense of 'accomplishment' in the game
- Great replay value
- Bringing back 'rarity' items (actually rare..)
- Many fun and unique quests
- Fully Integrated
- Making skills such as agility and herblore actually important
- A cheat-free environment (may be VERY hard..)


More information can be requested.
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PostSubject: Re: Skulled-Era   Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:08 pm

Very nice, Rog3r. Looks great like old rs with the 317 gameframe Smile
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Exprez Latte
Moderator Confidant
Moderator Confidant

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Ingame username : Exprez Latte
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PostSubject: Re: Skulled-Era   Fri Jan 01, 2010 8:12 am

I agree with Liam. Even though it looks to be made with the 317 Cache, the features look well-thought out. Great job Smile

Personally, I would recommend upgrading the frame to that of a 474. It looks more up-to-date Very Happy

::Exprez Latte
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PostSubject: Re: Skulled-Era   Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:49 pm

Pretty Nice Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Skulled-Era   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:27 pm

Awsome. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Skulled-Era   

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